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57. Thibaut Branquart (45)    

Race:   300 Släde Open 8 hundar 2022 (Rookie)

Address: 51 rue Volta, 59130 Lambersart

Country: France

Phone: +614820083

E-mail: ffstsecretariatdirtech@gmail.com

Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/thibautexcelsiormushinghttps://www.facebook.com/thibautexcelsiormushing

Sleddogclub: Speed Dog Racing Club

Nr of years with mushing: 15

Kennel name: Team Excelsior Mushing

Breed: Alaskan husky

DID: FRA1890

Other long-distance experience:
1 x Amundsen Race 2015
3 x Mush Synnfjell 2016 2018 2020
2 x Femundløpet 400 2017 2018
1 x Finnmarksløpet 600 2019

Number of items in the Polar Distance: 0

Why long distance:
Travelling through the wilderness with an amazing group of friends, through any kind of weather and loving it.

The strategy for the race:
Race like we trained. Take care of the dogs. Give it all.

Special dogs in the team:
Magnum 8 years old, my soulmate. We've overcome so many challenges together that we know ourselves by heart. I trust him as much as he trust me.

Other information:
Sponsors : Nutrivet, Inlandsis, Labbêa, Ledlenser, Leatherman, Forclaz