300 Släde Open 12 hundar 34. Hernan Maquieira »

29. Kevin Koene (37)    

Race:   300 Släde Open 12 hundar 2022 (Rookie)

Country: Nederland

Sleddogclub: ssc-nl

Nr of years with mushing: 10

Kennel name: sledehondenteam luka en amigos

Breed: ah/sib

DID: NLD2014

Other long-distance experience: amundsenrace 2x

Number of items in the Polar Distance: 0

Why long distance: love to be outside with the dogs :)

The strategy for the race:
make it to the finish with happy dogs

Special dogs in the team:
idgy oldest lady in the team (our leaddog) and yara our younges lady in our team!

Other information: see you on the trail!