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18. Fretz Sebastian (37)    

Race:   300 Släde RNB1 8 hundar 2022 (Veteran)

Address: sur la montagne 6, 2855 Glovelier

Country: Switzerland

Phone: +41787223309

E-mail: sebastian@senas.ch

Homepage: www.backtobasicskennel.chwww.backtobasicskennel.ch

Sleddogclub: SSV

Nr of years with mushing: 10

Kennel name: Back to basics Kennel

Breed: Siberian Husky

DID: CHE 1978

Other long-distance experience: Beavertrap 250

Number of items in the Polar Distance: 3

Why long distance:
Out with the dogs and the challenge with the team

The strategy for the race:
Finishline with a good and healthy team

Special dogs in the team: Levajok and Xena

Other information:
Staying the whole winter in the area by Drevdagen :)