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14. Catherine Fontaine (65)    

Race:   300 nome RNB1 12 hundar 2021 (Veteran)

Address: Suddesjaur.30, 930 86 Moskosel

Country: Sweden

E-mail: catherine.fontaine@yahoo.fr

Homepage: www.dufur.frwww.dufur.fr

Sleddogclub: ffst

Nr of years with mushing: 28

Kennel name: du fur rendez vous

Breed: siberian husky

DID: FRA1686

Other long-distance experience:
Finnmarkslöpet, Femundlöpet, Amundsenrace, GausdalMarathon,

Number of items in the Polar Distance: 6

Why long distance: why not?

The strategy for the race: none

Special dogs in the team:
Viper, Cobra, Scarlett best leaders ever

Other information:
i like very much this race, it was my first long distans in Sweden many years ago