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11. Malin Sundin Grindal (38)    

Race:   300 nome RNB1 12 hundar 2021 (Veteran)

Prev. entries:   PD160 C 12-20/4   PD300 12 Dogs Nome C-18/2  

Address: Näset 2, 79492 Orsa

Country: Sverige

Phone: 0706398536

E-mail: Malin_sundin@hotmail.com

Homepage: www.ylajarvis.sewww.ylajarvis.se

Sleddogclub: SPHK GD

Nr of years with mushing: 32

Kennel name: Ylajärvis

Breed: Siberian husky

DID: Swe1722

Other long-distance experience: Amundsen race

Number of items in the Polar Distance: 10

Why long distance:
The longer the distance, the better you get to know your dogs...

The strategy for the race:
I let the old leaders deside this time ;-)

Special dogs in the team:
My leadersisters Gul and Sapphire I guess. Experienced, strong and reliable.

Other information: I love this race!