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9. Edith De Boer-Braakhekke (49)    

Race:   300 pulka RNB 1-4 hundar 2021 (Veteran)

Address: Helhuizerweg 4, 7451KE Holten

Country: the Netherlands

Homepage: www.facebook.com/DutchPolarDogswww.facebook.com/DutchPolarDogs

Sleddogclub: SSC-NL

Nr of years with mushing: 20

Kennel name: Ratatuyak

Breed: Siberian Husky

DID: NLD1882

Other long-distance experience:
Various, also cycling and speedskating (200 km+)

Number of items in the Polar Distance: 4

Why long distance:
I Love being with the dogs, while enjoying nature and try to deal with the circumstances of that moment. I admire my dogs for what they are capable of and it is my job to make them perform at their best. To complete a distance race is a real team performance

The strategy for the race:
Stay safe, stay positive, live in the moment and get to the finish line with the whole team in good shape in the best position possible.

Special dogs in the team:
All are special and has his or her own task in the team: leader, speed, power, cheerful. I all need them during the race

Other information: @dutchpolardogs