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4. Agata Wawrzynkowska (41)    

Race:   PD160 C 8 2020 (Rookie)

Country: Poland

E-mail: wilczadusza@gmail.com

Sleddogclub: Szara Wilczyca

Nr of years with mushing: 10

Kennel name: Wilcza Dusza

Breed: siberian husky

Other long-distance experience:
This race will be my first long distance race.

Number of items in the Polar Distance: 0

Why long distance: This is my big dream and challenge.

The strategy for the race:
The most important for me is the health and safety of dogs. I wish we could finish the race.

Special dogs in the team:
Each of the dogs is unique and gives the team what they can do best. If I choose the most special for me, they will be two dogs: Lumi, my faithful, beloved leader and wheel dog Aragorn, who has infinite motivation, strength and desire for work.

Other information: