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42. Andreas In Albon (51)    

Race:   PD160 8 C 2019 (Veteran)

Address: Elvdalsveien, 720, 2440 2440

Country: Norway

Phone: 91178888

E-mail: Inalbon68@gmail.com

Homepage: www.fjell-huskies.comwww.fjell-huskies.com

Sleddogclub: SKS Switzerland

Nr of years with mushing: 25

Kennel name: Of Arctic Silence

Breed: Siberian Huskies

Other long-distance experience:
Femundloppet, Mushsynnfjell, Gausdal, gruveloppet

Number of items in the Polar Distance: 0

Why long distance:
...the best thing to be long out with the dogs, out in nature and fight together to see the Finishline.

The strategy for the race: ...we will see...

Special dogs in the team:
Knerten and Newton probably last Race for them.

Other information:
...drove this winter tourists and we will see if the dogs manage also longer trips....