PD300 8-12 B

31. Dominik Winkler (49)    

Race:   PD300 8-12 B 2019 (Veteran)

Prev. entries:   PD300 8-12 B-19/1   PD160 6 Dogs Nome B-18/1  

Country: Austria

Phone: +496603000027

E-mail: winklerdominik@gmail.com

Sleddogclub: Öshv

Nr of years with mushing: 2

Kennel name: Voice of nature

Breed: Greenlanddog

Other long-distance experience: Pd 160 b 6

Number of items in the Polar Distance: 1

Why long distance:
The Challenge for myself and staying so lang as possible on a sled

The strategy for the race: In the end Nummer 1

Special dogs in the team: All of them special

Other information: It's my 2nd Race and the First Over 160km.