PD160 - 6-8 Dogs Nome C 2017
Start time: Wednesday 8. March 13:00
Last update: 9. March 2017
20. oktober 13:36
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86. Anders Larsen

Country: Denmark


Homepage: larsen

Sleddogclub: Danish Polardog Club

Nr of years with mushing: 13

Kennel name:

Breed: Siberian Husky

Anders Larsen

Other long-distance experience: I have train/be a part of Polardistance for the last 9/10 years

Number of items in the Polar Distance: 8

Why long distance: Polardistance is just so special, a real old school run for pure breed

The strategy for the race: get all the dogs at finish line, and enjoy the race with my dogs

Special dogs in the team:
Some of the dogs have run Polardistance 8 times.

Other information: My dogs is 100 procent part of my life, and I always bring my dog with me

Anders Larsen