300 nome RNB1 12 hundar 2021
Start time: Monday 1. March 00:00
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18. juni 11:22
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-1. Agata Wawrzynkowska

Country: Poland

Phone: +48507179367



Sleddogclub: Szara Wilczyca

Nr of years with mushing: 10

Kennel name: Wilcza Dusza

Breed: Siberian Husky

DID: POL1888

Other long-distance experience:
SEDIVACKUV LONG 200 (2020), Polardistans 160 (2020)

Number of items in the Polar Distance: 1

Why long distance:
I love my dogs, our moments together. The expedition is about checking yourself, checking dogs in polar conditions. I like to be alone, to feel free. I want to feel this close contact with nature and the elements. It is a huge challenge for me and a dream come true.

The strategy for the race:
I want to test all my dogs on the team that are of the correct age.
I wanted to compete in class 8 dogs, but I cannot give up 2 dogs. Each of them works honestly in training. I would like to finish the race. Slowly, without time pressure. I'd love to see all the dogs reach the finish line. I know it will be a very difficult race for us. The most important thing is dogs and their health.

Special dogs in the team: All my dogs are unique :)

Other information: I plan to compete with 10 dogs.