160 nome RNB2 8 hundar 2021
Start time: Monday 1. March 00:00
Last update: --/--
30. september 19:19
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-1. Sandra Tellström

Address: Sulviken 310, 837 93 Järpen

Country: Sverige



Sleddogclub: SPHK

Nr of years with mushing: 15

Kennel name: White ukioq

Breed: Alaskan malamute & Grönlandshund

Other long-distance experience: Beaver trap trail

Number of items in the Polar Distance: 7

Why long distance:
Lots of time to hang out with my dogs in the mountains. Love the collaboration and teamwork that accurs when running longer distances.

The strategy for the race:
Happy, healthy over the finishline!

Special dogs in the team:
Leaddog Knoxville and I go way back!
Youngsters Bonnie and Clyde´s first longer race.

Other information: Looking forward to start!