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75. Aref Naït Belkacem (32)    

Race:   300 Släde Open 8 hundar 2022 (Rookie)

Country: France


Nr of years with mushing: 8

Breed: Alaskan huskies

DID: FRA2071

Other long-distance experience:
Spain long distance 150
Vercors Quest 300
Lekkarod (mid)

Number of items in the Polar Distance: 0

Why long distance:
Because i love to be alone with my dog and i am a natural born competitor and i love the challenge and the rigor what represente the long distance race .

The strategy for the race:
My stratégie is to be soft with the dog and leave them make the rythme of the run. And stay True to my training .

Special dogs in the team: They are all spécial on their job

Other information:
I want to représente my 2nd country for this race if it is possible i am also algerian